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Blooming Sunshine Charm : City Goddess's Wholesale Collection


As the days grow longer and the promise of warmth beckons, City Goddess is thrilled to present the launch of our much-anticipated Spring-Summer Collections for 2024. Inspired by the effervescent spirit of the season, this collection encapsulates the essence of sun-kissed days, balmy evenings, and the joyous energy of spring and summer. At City Goddess, you can find and select from an amazing range of spring-summer collections that will be the best for your occasional wear. 

From cheerful yellows to tranquil blues, the colors in our SS24 Collection celebrate the energy and vibrancy that define these seasons. Our Collections feature prints that dance with the rhythm of the seasons. From playful florals to intricate laces inspired by sunny landscapes, stay chic in the warmth of the sun with our selection of breathable fabrics. Dive into the allure of our new arrivals and let your boutique be the destination for those seeking elegance and the latest in seasonal fashion.


Our SS24 Collection showcases an array of stunning styles, meticulously curated to match the unique tastes of your boutique clients. Our pieces are created to keep you both comfortable and stylish, ranging from a flowing maxi dress to cheerful midis, our designs are a testament to the vibrant life that spring and summer provide. Here is a sneak peek at our styles.  



City Goddess invites you to anticipate the grand unveiling of our Spring and Summer Collections for 2024 on the official launch. As we prepare to share a wardrobe inspired by the sun and blooms, let the excitement for a season of style and sunshine flourish.

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