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I want to buy from you, but I can’t see the prices.

To be able to see wholesale prices and make an order you need to register with us. You can see the prices once we activate your account and send you log-in details.

How do I register?

The registration process is very simple and will take no more than a few minutes. Click here to view registration form. Please, remember to complete all the required fields. Once you submit your details we will generate and send a password to you, which you use while logging in.

I am based in UK and I don’t have registered company, as I sell on eBay, through Social Media or I have a market stall. Can I still order from you?

If you sell through one of the above means, we cannot activate your account. While registering, please, provide as many business details as you can, such as link to your online shop. We might get back to you with an email asking for further details, prior to activating your account.


What if I forget my password or if I want to change it?

In either of these cases please follow the below procedure:

  • In top right corner of the home page please click "Log-in", on the next screen enter the email address you registered with us and then click "Click here if you've forgotten your password".
  • If the system cannot find a hint for your password, or the hint doesn’t help, please click "Click here and we will email you instructions", so an email will be sent to your registered e-mail address in order to reset the password.

How do I make changes to my profile?

You can change your billing and shipping address while placing an order, during checkout process. Remember please that both must be in the same country. In case of any other changes (name of you company, email address, VAT or registration number) please, pass all the necessary updates to:

The website says ‘Notify Me’ when I am trying to add the item to the basket, can I pre order the item and pay in advance?

if the system says ‘Notify Me’ when you try to add item to the basket it means that this particular style is out of stock at the moment and is not available for ordering. Once the item is back In Stock, you will receive an email notification.
You can only add to the basket and proceed to checkout with the items which we physically have in our warehouse. We are not taking advance payments for the items yet to come.

The item is available on your site, but after adding to the basket I am getting message ‘Please remove the item to complete the order’. What does it mean?

If the system asks you to remove the item from the basket to complete the transaction, it means that this particular style is out of stock at the moment and is not available for ordering. You can only add to the basket and proceed to checkout with the items which we physically have in our warehouse.
You can click ‘Notify Me’ to receive an email notification, once the style is back In Stock.

What do you mean by ‘Lot’?

A ‘lot’ means a pack consisting of 5-7 pieces of garments (10-14 pairs of shoes), in the same colour, in full sizing.

Can I order one dress for myself?

Single pieces for personal use can be purchased through Our retail branch,GODDIVA, tel. no: +44 (0) 844 800 3042. Further contact details are available at

Can I order less than a pack or can I select sizes?

All the styles we sell are in predefined lots (=pack) and single piece/s. For single pieces, you can mix and match items, picking freely sizes and colours to reach the minimum order value (£150.00).

Do you have size guide?

Yes, it is available here. You will find there UK sizes converted to EUR, US and other popular measurement systems, which should help you in making right choices. We recommend you use the information as a guideline only.

When will my order be processed?

We ship out all orders in 1 to 2 business days. More about shipping terms can be found on Shipping Info page.

What are your shipping options?

We deliver the goods worldwide. More about shipping terms can be found on Shipping Info page.

I have already submitted my order - can I change it?

In some exceptional cases some changes are possible, before the order is billed. Your order must be paid with Bank Transfer or by Credit/Debit Card on the checkout (in the latter case the new total amount for the revised order mustn’t exceed the original amount which you submitted online).

There is no possibility to make any changes to the order, if it’s paid by PayPal. It must be cancelled fully then you can raise it again.

Please, inform us about changes asap, bearing in mind that the time between receipt of your order and billing is sometimes very short, so your message might reach us after billing. In this case we can offer you cancellation and full refund and then you can raise an order again.
If the order has been already dispatched you have to follow the Returns Procedure.

How do I return/exchange an item?

Please check the Returns Policy section, along with Terms and Conditions page for more information.

How and when will I receive my refund?

In case of online order we can either refund you cost of returning item(s) to your PayPal / card account, or we can create a credit memo on your account with City Goddess, to be used on your next order. In case of a bank transfer or cash payment we are able to make a refund as a credit memo.
For further details please visit our Returns Policy section.

+ I am going to export my order to a country outside the EU. Can they be delivered outside the EU? What if I arrange my own shipping and do I have to pay VAT when I place the order?

Yes, we can deliver the goods outside the EU. We use DHL and FedEx to ship goods outside UK and shipping costs apply. To be qualified as VAT exemption (not payable) you must use shipping service that we provide, as these shippers are able to provide to us a proper shipping certificate (proof of export).
If you intend to get the goods collected and exported by an alternative shipper, you'll be charged VAT which might be later refunded upon positive verification of export documentation, such as Certificate of Shipment, supplied to us in original hard copies by the shipping company of your choice.

Proper Shipping Certificate must:

  • Clearly state City Goddess Ltd (with address) as Consignor
  • Clearly state Customer (with address) as a Consignee
  • Show Invoice number, date and value
  • Show description of goods
  • Show Flight/Cruise number and date
  • Show Air/Seawaybill number
  • Show Airport/Seaport of Loading
  • Show Airport/Seaport of Discharge
  • Show Place of Delivery
  • Show number of boxes and total weight

If you intend to pick up and export the goods by yourself, you'll be charged VAT, but this expense will be refunded to you. We will issue to you an HMRC document, which you need to stamp on the border and claim money back directly on the airport. In some cases you will be asked to post this form back to us.

Refund of VAT in each of the above cases is possible only as a credit on your account with City Goddess Ltd, for the value of VAT charged. You can later use this credit for next order with us.

l am based outside the EU-zone. Do I need to pay any duties or customs charges while importing from UK?

Duties or customs charges, which you are obliged to pay to your country's government, are entirely beyond the capacity of City Goddess Ltd. We are unable to supply in advance any information about extra charges applicable in your country while importing from EU, however please note, that these charges are generally the nature of import/export. Please check the details with your national taxation and customs office/body.

Am I allowed to use the pictures of the product? Where to find them?

Yes, you can use the pictures of the products sold by us but only to re-sell the product and not for any other Marketing / Advertising/ Promotional activities outside of your own retail shop or website. You can use the pictures ONLY for the products you bought from us. Please read our terms and conditions for more information on using pictures.

You will find them after logging in at and going to 'My account' section, next - 'See Orders' and click on respective order number. In most right column you will see 'Large images' link, where downloadable, high resolution pictures will be available.

It is also advisable to have a look at ourTerms and Conditions, where you can find more info about how to use the pictures.

Still got questions

If you have more questions please click here to contact customer service.
You can also chat with us through chat service (right bottom corner of the site). You can also call our hotline at +44(0) 208 599 5544, between 9.30 am and 5.00 pm (GMT) Monday to Friday.

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